Empower Yourself In The Midst of Chaos By Knowing All Will Work Out Toward Your Good.

Empower yourself in the midst of chaos by knowing all will work out toward your good.⠀⠀We have a choice in the mist of chaos, we can curl up in a ball and let the circumstances control our lives, or we can be the director of our destiny, the commander of our emotions, decisions and our [...]

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Be Mindful What You Say. Your Words Can Uplift You or Keep You From Succeeding.

Be mindful what you say.⠀⠀Your words can uplift you or keep you from succeeding.⠀⠀We must know the power of words.⠀⠀Words spoken can up lift your spirit or give death to your optimism, desire and joy of life.⠀⠀Do not think this is only for you, but it also affects those around you.⠀⠀Make a point to speak [...]

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We Have The Power To Decide Who We Want to Be

We have the power to decide who we want to be⠀⠀It is our choice to take action, to move in the direction of who we want to be, and what we want to accomplish.⠀⠀It does not matter what people may say or what our surroundings may be.⠀⠀We have the free will to follow our desires, [...]

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Whose Voice Are You Going To Listen To,God’s Or The Naysayers

Whose voice are you going to listen to,⠀⠀God’s or the naysayers⠀⠀Naysayers have no place in the lives of people who have hope and faith.⠀⠀For all things miraculously work out for those who believe no matter what the circumstances appear to be.⠀⠀For we are connected to the greatest power in the universe.⠀⠀We must remove ourselves from [...]

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Our Thoughts Are Powerful, What We Think Becomes Our Outcome.

Our thoughts are powerful,What we think becomes our outcome.⠀⠀Our thoughts are directed by what we focus on.⠀⠀If we focus on our Fears…. They become a part of us and fear starts to run our life.⠀⠀If we focus on our inner strength… The strength that only comes from God….. The strength that is unstoppable…. victorious….then the [...]

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There Are No Boundaries to What God/Source Can Do

There are no boundaries to what God/Source can do…….. ⠀⠀ God is in all, God is all, over all, through all, and all in all. This means that God’s power is within us and will work through us to see victory. There is nothing we can’t do. ⠀⠀ When we know this we start to [...]

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