Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people know that they are in control and have the power within to direct their life and health.  To reach their highest potential by listening to themselves and not getting distracted by outside influences.

To know that they are:

  • More than what they see in the mirror
  • That they matter
  • That they are unique individuals
    • With unique perspectives
    • With a unique signature of who they are
    • And each one contributes to further humanity in the quest to expand awareness of good.
Dr. Christine Lee-Schaffer

Dr. Christine Lee-Schaffer

History of Optimal Life

Optimal Life was founded in 2010 by Christine Lee-Schaffer , Pharm.D.  Located near Sacramento, California,  Optimal Life helps those with chronic diseases – and their loved ones – learn how to gain control of their condition by offering easy-to-use, step-by-step guides to teach them about their condition and what to do to control it.  Dr. Lee-Schaffer’s first publication was the 2010 two-disc DVD and companion book entitled Optimal Life: The Essentials of Diabetes.  This was followed in 2011 by Optimal Life: The Essentials of Breast Cancer (produced in conjunction with renowned cancer specialist, Ernie Bodai, M.D.), and Optimal Life: The Essentials of Asthma, both of which are DVD/book combinations.  In 2012, Dr. Lee-Schaffer published her most recent book, Optimal Life: The Essentials of Insulin.  Each offering builds knowledge in layers so that the patient understands the nature of their condition, the possible complications, and the necessary action steps to prevent or slow those complications.

Dr. Lee-Schaffer founded Optimal Life as the natural outgrowth of her association with American Health Care (AHC), which she co-founded in 1986.  AHC is a leading pharmacy benefits and population health management company, with a presence in 48 states. In her capacity as Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Christine is an industry innovator in the delivery of evidence-based clinical care to those with chronic health conditions.

Why Optimal Life?

A healthy lifestyle involves exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and managing stress effectively. Living an optimal life comes down to making these healthy choices on a daily basis. We can affect more than our physical appearance; it can also increase both the length and quality of our lives by boosting our immunity to disease and keeping us healthy emotionally.

Our self-educational resources guide you through making these choices while gaining a better understanding on how to empower yourself to live optimally.

The Choice is Easy!

  • Facts and action steps in each chapter that guide you to greater control of your health
  • Easy to understand format so that you can educate yourself
  • Our DVDs and books work together to bring you both the essential and in-depth knowledge you need
  • You set the pace: go fast or take it slowly. Review the material anytime you want
  • Based on scientific research from respected health organizations

The Optimal Life Philosophy

About the Optimal Life DVDs and Books

Optimal Life: The Essentials of Diabetes was published in 2010. It is a two-disc DVD and book set that contains an illustrated, full color 260-page book along with nearly 120 minutes of DVD viewing. Geared for those with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the set touches upon many topics relevant to those with diabetes, including what diabetes is and how to control it, how to prevent complications, essentials tests you need and when to get them done, how to exercise and eat well with diabetes, and a comprehensive discussion of available medications, including insulin. Because diabetes affects so many people, this set has also been translated into Spanish.

Optimal Life: The Essentials of Asthma was published in 2011 and includes a fully illustrated 169 page book and approximately 90 minutes of DVD viewing.  Included in the DVD is an interview with Dr. Bradley Chipps, Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy and the Cystic Fibrosis Center at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento.  This set details the major types of asthma, the reasons asthma occurs, the physiology of asthma, how your doctor confirms your diagnosis and control, and a comprehensive list of the medications for asthma and how to use them correctly.  Asthma can affect anyone at anytime, so in order to help as many people as possible, The Essentials of Asthma will soon be available in Spanish.

Optimal Life: The Essentials of Breast Cancer was created in 2011 in collaboration with Ernie Bodai, M.D., F.A.C.S., Clinical Professor of Surgery at University of California, Davis, and Director of the Breast Health Center at Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento.  The set consists of Dr. Bodai’s book, I Flunked My Mammogram, and Dr. Lee’s  DVD conversation with Dr. Bodai that touches upon breast cancer risk reduction (whether or not you’ve been diagnosed), what to expect in the doctor’s office, post-surgical recovery and insights into the future of breast cancer treatment.

Optimal Life: The Essentials of Insulin was published in 2012 to help those with type 1 diabetes and insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes.  Insulin is a life-giving medical therapy, but it must be used correctly to gain the maximum health benefit.  Included here is a discussion of the types of insulin available and how each one works, what to expect when starting insulin therapy, the concepts behind basal and bolus dosing, carb counting and how this affects your insulin dose, using an insulin pump and a special section on insulin dosing when traveling. Charts, illustrations and worksheets make this information accessible and easy to understand.