Empower Yourself In The Midst of Chaos By Knowing All Will Work Out Toward Your Good.

//Empower Yourself In The Midst of Chaos By Knowing All Will Work Out Toward Your Good.

Empower yourself in the midst of chaos by knowing all will work out toward your good.
We have a choice in the mist of chaos, we can curl up in a ball and let the circumstances control our lives, or we can be the director of our destiny, the commander of our emotions, decisions and our victory.
In times when life seems not to be fair, re-direct your attention to your inner being by knowing there is a greater power inside you than that in the world. Start to focus on all the good things around you and speak aloud the gratitude of these good things so you can hear it. The more you do this, you will start to release your mind from negative thoughts that stronghold your mind in a negative place thus not allowing God’s solutions to be brought forth.
Start to profess with your mouth that you have all the wisdom inside of you to handle the situation. Make a point not to look at your circumstances as it appears to be in the moment. Look at the circumstances at how you want it to be and know there is that solution.

There comes a time in our life where we have had enough and must decide which way we are going to go.

Are we going to take our power back from the outside world, or let the world toss us around as if we do not matter. We must be willing to see things the way we want them and believe with all our heart that it shall come to past.
Empower yourself with the strength inside of you and do not allow for a minute to accept anything less.

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